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About me:I LOVE ROCK & ROLL! Live music is my fuel, and that's why I make it my job. I love being on the road, Pizza, Music Festivals, and Cigars. New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday. My favorite Beers are Sierra Nevada, Harpoon IPA, and any O'dells. I'm a registered Full Rocker...
Member Since:January 28, 2001
Last Login:November 19, 2015
Location:Leander, TX
Birthday:January 30
Music means to me:Good music is not just what comes out of an instrument or speakers. It's an intense effort from the heart of the maker, which causes feeling, and inspiration to both players and listeners. The music Experience has driven me to countless amazing days and nights, so far disconnected from reality, and brought me back every time... It has introduced me to feelings I never knew existed, and has been the glue that keeps my crew coming back for more. Music has made me bleed, and had me in ecstatic frenzies, and has helped me get through the worst times of my life. It has made me do things I wouldn't normally do. Music is everything to me.
Schools:Full Sail University, Hobart College, The Hill School
General Interests:Live Audio Production, Event Production
Other Distractions:Planet Earth, The Colbert Report, ESPN Sports Center, NFL Football, and I'll kick your ass in Foosball

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