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About me:After six years that saw me living in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Myrtle Beach, and Los Angeles, I am now married and settled in Brooklyn, New York! I am civilized, reformed, and pseudo-respectable, and hanging on for dear life to my few remaining brain cells.
Member Since:February 10, 2004
Last Login:November 9, 2014
Location:Brooklyn, NY
Birthday:July 17
Music means to me:Live music is awesome when I can afford it, and living in New York means I have the opportunity to see all kinds of great bands on a regular basis.
Schools:Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH, the Almighty class of '99. Three years at Point Park University, Pittsburgh. Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, class of '04.
General Interests:Music, drugs 'n alcohol, reading, writing, movies, TV, nature, friends, family, travel, chaos.
Other Distractions:Flashing lights and bright colors.


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