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About me:Witty charming handsome and punctual. I have a passion for food and a lust for mustards. Travel is a necessity and a day is not complete if you have not laughed until it hurts and you have learned something new.
Member Since:February 7, 2006
Last Login:October 20, 2010
Location:Santa Barbara, CA
Birthday:June 21
Music means to me:Every emotion, every bit of my being needs music. I absorb it. It is the only universal medium that brings everyone together for the same purpose. it is love, it is hate, it is passion. It will move your soul in ways never imagined if you let it.
Schools:CU Boulder...GO BUFFS!!!!!
General Interests:music, food, music, surfing, music, our cat and dog,music, movies and anything outdoors
Other Distractions:music, mind altering experiences, my hammock, any biography I can get my hands on and I really dig tunes.


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