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About me:Livin' in Mexico. Don't ask....I won't tell.
Member Since:October 7, 2000
Last Login:June 17, 2014
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:November 1
Music means to me:I grew up waking up on Saturday mornings to my Father playing Cream's Sunshine of Your Love on the Bass so loud that the 7-11 down the street would call to complain that the music was rattling goods off the shelves! So I am a tried and true rocker. MTV is slowing strangling the life out of Rock-n-roll. I love the Jam Band scene as I think a band should have to tour and make a name for itself, not win some contest or a record deal. Keep Rockin' in the free world!!!
Schools:Glenbrook High School,
Southern Methodist University,
Louisiana Tech University,
General Interests:I love live music, my wife, traveling, new experiences, surfing, fire dancing, hell just boogying to a good beat, friends, and a little p-a-r-t-why? Why Not!


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