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About me:I turn 17 in August...I love all types of music. I enjoy walks outside and exploring nature. I love going to shows and can't wait till im out of highschool so I can go to festi's and hopefully follow my favorite band RAQ around.
Member Since:April 8, 2007
Last Login:August 2, 2007
Location:Melville, NY
Birthday:August 3
Music means to me:A Shitload. Don't know what i'd do without it.

"The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelins my all time favorite song behind "Eyes of The World"....debating which one im getting tatted on my back.
General Interests:friends, the outdoors, NYC, roller hockey, My iPod, clearing Roor's, beautiful budss..........
Other Distractions:Don't watch too much TV, I like Forensic Files, Weeds, MTV in small doses and some HBO. As far as reading's concerned, with a relix and a set.


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