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About me:easygoing, laid back type of guy that loves live music and concerts as well as making my own music. I love playing my music for my friends and at open mic nights as much as hearing my favorite bands play. "rockin out " it's what i do.
Member Since:October 6, 2009
Last Login:August 8, 2014
Location:Huntingtown, MD
Birthday:November 22
Music means to me:music is one of my greatest passions, you can just lose yourself in it, have fun and not a care in the world. it can move you, sooth you, and make you feel the groove. music is one of the most powerful expressions of oneself in this world and i love it..
Schools:school of rock (just kidding) self taught guitarist, bass player, and drummer. self taught song writer, self taught jeet kune do, self taught cartoonist and artist
General Interests:cartoon animation and comics, a little bit of martial arts(jeet kune do), drawing, buddhism, learning how to surf, skateboarding (when i have a board), and songwriting
Other Distractions:open mic nights, movies, playing pool, beaches, video games, playing guitar, reading, drawing, disc golf, festivals, concerts, hackysacking, and hanging out with good friends

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