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About me:Long time music fan. Saw the Grateful Dead 42 times between 1988 and 1994. Saw phish 154 times bewteen 1989 and 2004. I'm a pescatarian (veg who eats seafood). I play guitar and collect mass amounts of music. Reponsible yet young at heart. I've lived alot and plan on living alot more! Humorous and kindhearted nature.
Member Since:October 24, 2003
Last Login:December 26, 2008
Location:Torrington, CT
Birthday:September 9
Music means to me:"Music is the best" - Frank Zappa.
Schools:Anthropology, Music, and religion at Ithaca College
General Interests:Love all music, guitar, dogs, natural food, outdoors, and video games.
Other Distractions:Shiney objects


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