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About me:started seeing shows in '73...before that my father and uncle took me to see country-western and bluegrass acts...first dead show '78,last pittsburgh '95...saw about 250 shows...saw first Phish in '94...about 175 shows...also many panic,moe,umphreys...almost any band you could imagine...still sharin' in the groove,but age and health have slowed me down
Member Since:January 26, 2011
Last Login:July 10, 2013
Location:Salisbury, MD
Birthday:November 23
Music means to me:live music is one of the last places in the civilised world to express ones freedom, without having to buy it. The musicians are free to explore and share, and take us along for the ride.Every show feels like a family reunion to me,even if i don't know anyone there. Music is the way the universe expresses Love.
General Interests:anything that helps others
Other Distractions:dancing, basketball


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