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About me:Artist, ,Art Framer,Guitarist,Activist(politics and environment and Big Corporation MissBehavings),
Member Since:July 30, 2008
Last Login:July 30, 2008
Location:Great Falls, MT
Birthday:February 10
Music means to me:Music HEALS as does ART or Creating Art.
Schools:World Travler growing up (Dad was an AirForce Pilot and Vet through 3 or more Wars ). Statred playing Guitar in third grade as well as Painting carried on till Corparation took health. Rebuilding and looking at getting back to having as much Fun as possible as well as voicing opinions against/about coruption of Corparations and Politions.
General Interests:Spreading GOOD FEELINGS to my fellow human beiings on our Planet..through Art,Music and Speaking Out . MY kids and grandkids....
Other Distractions:MoveOn.org__