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About me:Things I love:
Listening to Music, Movies, Birds, India Ink, Coats, Colours, Brits, Finding new music, Juice, Chap-stick, Urban Decay, Tee Shirts, Sharpies, Jeans, Completely butchering the english language, Parks, Guitars, Cameras, Astrology, The 1920s, Opera, Drawing, Dressing up, Pink, White Chocolate Mocha, Lemurs, Hugs, The Theater, Orchids, Apple, Scavenger Hunts, Tea, Guys with long hair, Red Lips, Acting, Wondering, Sneezing, Light Fixtures, Sparkles, Writing, Clover crowns, Urban Outfitters, Black, Barefoot, Roller-Ball Gel Pens, My Ipod, French Baroque, Laughing, Pockets, Poems, Wisteria, Dancing like a fool, Green, Making faces, Philosophy, Fairies, Friends, Karen O, Witty Jokes, Spirituality, Little 5 Points, Holding hands, OPI My Private Jet, Snuggling, Antiques, Making Smoothies, Black Lights, Porcelain Berries, Discovering, Blender, Gaudy costume jewelry, Making Lists, Rainbow order, Silver Aviators, Closed Doors, Costume, Powerful women, Pink Wayfarers, Mentall_Floss, Sunshine, Vosges Barcelona Bar, Big squishy headphones, Random and obscure references,
Secrets, Medicinal Herbs, Writing and Drawing on everything.
Member Since:January 7, 2008
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Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:November 9
Music means to me:Everything.
Schools:Never enough
General Interests:What ever the day entails!
Other Distractions:Really anything shiny.


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