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About me:I'm just a girl in the world.
Member Since:April 15, 2010
Last Login:May 16, 2015
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:July 29
Music means to me:everything. My i-pod is my best friend, I never go anywhere with out it. The one thing I can't live without..
Schools:Portland State University
Portland Community College
Dixie State College
Park City High School
General Interests:The Earth, plants, trees, making things grow. Sustainability, making organic lifestyle choices is the way to be.. I'm into hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, swimming, river rafting, going to the beach, being in the sun, getting soaked in the rain, blizzards. I love it outside..
Other Distractions:Snowboarding, tennis, working out, yoga, reading, cooking, eating, drinking, smoking.


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