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About me:This 4-piece from Boston shows how easy it can be to make even the sulky smile after listening to just 3 minutes of pure MUCK & THE MIRES entertainment.

MUCK & THE MIRES latest release “Doreen” is now available on Dirty Water Records (London). Produced by the rock legend KIM FOWLEY, the EP wreaks of radio friendly magical monster hits. Elements of Ramones, the Romantics, the Beatles, the Monkees, the Sonics; leap out of the speakers like a hit parade of the last forty years pushed forward in a time machine to the 22nd century.

Everyone has been waiting for the next rock-n-roll phenomenon, a piece of product guaranteed to go across all age group barriers, demographic boundaries, rock-n-roll hasn’t had any sunshine lately on it’s horizon and now the summer is going to last forever because of the existence of the radio friendly album “Hypnotic” by Muck and the Mires.

Muck and the Mires' songs sound like long lost classics...all two-minutes long and ALL POTENTIAL HITS! Their timeless sound has enabled them to share the stage with a wide spectrum of artists ranging from THE STROKES and THE STOOGES to THE BAY CITY ROLLERS and BO DIDDLEY.

LITTLE STEVEN (Van Zandt) chose Muck and the Mires as the NUMBER ONE GARAGE ROCK BAND IN THE USA in his national Underground Garage Battle of the Bands.

Muck and the Mires have appeared on MTV, have appeared in publications around the globe and tour all over the world.
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