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About me:Fiend For Life
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Music means to me:Everything. Its the conductor of my spirit.
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"Scream Phoenix"
Fri 4/11/2008 12:41PM
So I stand aside for a second and review the past three months. My life hasn't gone in the direction I placed it. I'm struggling daily to meditate or obtain some form of clarity. I have put the crutches down
Smooth Stance
Fri 4/11/2008 12:39PM

I trickle the day away
On soft sweet reprise
My life seems to slow down
Yet hold strong on course
I have joy fluidly tracing my veins
In constant exploration of new ways
True clarity from strife
Is now the conductor
Of the rythm in my life
To a new day I gaze upon
So true with the valor of hope
That it will carry true and true
Thankfulness onto the Lord
My shepard of guiding light
I sing praise through my existence
And pray for the continuation at night
Never would I have thought
The day would truly come
And bring with all these angels
The friendship with bondage hath aborn
My happiness goes not unnoticed
And I'm aware that this is true
Yet I have no fear of showing
The feelings they must spue
I worry not for who feels burden
Or jolted by this reality
I only move forward with my approach
For only God can judge me
The Bewildering Thoughts Within
Fri 4/11/2008 12:38PM
I have stepped forward too many times to deny my efforts, yet many persist in doing so. I feel like I could push harder, but it only hurts more when I try. For now I try to allow things to flow naturally. Even