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Cleveland Free Times
Volume 14, Issue 21
Published September 13th, 2006

"When Akron native M. Scott Horn attended a guitar camp hosted by Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane, the legendary artist pulled Horn aside to let him know he shouldn't waste such a talented and unique voice. Taking Kaukonen's advice, Horn immersed himself further into acoustic blues. With his debut, Fake as the Blue, Horn showcases nine acoustic tracks (four originals and five covers) with Jim Ballard adding keyboard and bass on a few of the original songs. Horn's voice is powerful and in-tune even when Horn travels into the lower registers and nearly whispers some of his words. The guitar work is also fantastic with Horn's influences shining through. The two covers that stand out are Dylan's "She Belongs To Me" and Robert Johnson's "32-20." Not only does Horn pull off the covers brilliantly; he also adds his own unique sound to both."

-Dave Edwards.
Cleveland Free Times

About Me:

Solo performer. Fingerstyle acoustic player, singer, songwriter in the tradition of Chris Smither, Jorma Kaukonen Robert Johnson, Fred McDowell, Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, , etc.

My version of "32-20 Blues" by Robert Johnson entered the Roots Music Report’s radio airplay charts at # 32 in Sept. 2006.

Recent performances have included opening for internationally recognized artists Paul Geremia, Bob Margolin, Larry Garner, and Johnny Rawls.

Always open to play, jam, whatever.
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Music means to me:performance is everything.
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