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About me:Hi! I'm Chris and i love music!! I am quitting my day job in 2 months to wander around the world, play music, make new friends, and hopefully learn a lot of exciting new tricks.

I also created and play in a band called Mr. Hunter. We just released our first album "The First Chapter" and are moving headquarters to Amsterdam, Holland!! We are excited to share it with our friends on jambase so stop by sometime at
Member Since:January 9, 2012
Last Login:July 10, 2013
Location:Jersey City, NJ
Birthday:September 20
Music means to me:My memory was a little foggy that day but if i recall correctly music once saved my life. Where I once was lost I've now been found and now I realize where i need to go. Music was my guide on this journey and I can't wait to see where it goes next.
Schools:Austrian School of Groove
General Interests:People who like to smile, my little puppy Hunter, economics, concerts, bodies of water (pools are my favorite), meeting people who like talking about and listening to music, thinking, learning, and loving.
Other Distractions:Many. but they blend together in a nice little ball of organized chaos and somehow it all works out.


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