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About me:I'm a regular guy in my twenties....I like tastey beers, good tunes, and outdoorsy stuff like mountain biking, kayaking etc. Just moved to GA from NJ I need to find myself a new concert crew. so.... INVITE ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND IF WE"RE GOING TO THE SAME SHOWS!!!
Member Since:May 26, 2009
Last Login:July 7, 2015
Location:Charlotte, NC
Birthday:September 7
Music means to me:I've got over 20,000 songs in my tell me??
Schools:Stevens Institute of Technology 09'
General Interests:Jaming out, Making new friends in GA, Mountain Biking, White Water Kayaking, Climbing, Camping....chillin
Other Distractions:paying bills really puts a damper on the number of shows I can afford


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