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About me:i love the mountains and the water. i love live music, obviously. I love my friends my family and you know life in general. yay.....i cant wait, i just cant wait......weeeeeeeeee my totem animal is a turtle....mother earth....
Member Since:November 3, 2005
Last Login:July 23, 2010
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Birthday:June 18
Music means to me:purity
Schools:photo degree, outdoor recreation degree
General Interests:love life and happiness in all realms....staying focused on what makes me friends are crucial sewing and making clothes...i love chai lattes and yerba mate....what can i say i work in a coffee shop
Other Distractions:my love for cooking good food with many people and game night with the girls.....starwars manopoly bitches and good wine


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