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About me:I'm loud, energetic, and spur of the moment. A free spirit of sorts... Some found memories include: living among jolly farmers who eat som-tom and sticky rice, dancing through the streets in yellow shirts to the sounds of maw lam music, swimming through mot water at the biggest water festival in the world, scuba diving with sharks in the brightest ocean I've ever seen, hiking above the clouds and dancing with the rain storm, mud baths in the Australian forest, hitch hiking with no destination in mind, bike rides to the beach. I want nothing more than to live each day, each second, each moment with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.... oh and a juicy mango in my mouth. Yummy.
Member Since:June 15, 2007
Last Login:May 1, 2010
Location:Tampa, FL
Birthday:May 23
Schools:University of Texas at Austin
General Interests:Traveling,
Festivals - Gathering of the Vibes and Old Settler's,
Yoga & Aerobics,
Vegan- Raw Foods,
Old People,
New Friends,
Rice Fields,
Reading & Writing,


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