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About me:Moonlight Label was established in Melbourne Australia in 1985. At that time the company served as Michael Charles’ record label with divisions representing and distributing for various media companies. In 1994 Moonlight Label opened an office in the United States where it remained the primary record label promoting Michael Charles. along with overseeing it’s subsidiary company, Sammary Studio. Sammary Studio ( is the official recording studio of Michael Charles. It’s various divisions handle public recordings, live sound, short run CD and DVD duplications, and encompasses a full graphic house.
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Michaels Charles 2010 Tour
Sat 1/23/2010 9:22AM
The “Another Time Another Place 2010 Tour” title offers a true testimonial to Michael Charles.  MC’s life journey originated in Australia, and after obtaining many of his goals, ventured out to America two decades ago, and Charles now tours the USA, Canada, and Australia all year round.
The “Another Time Another Place 2010 Tour”, appropriately named for the exact phrase in two different songs on Michael’s 2010 “Connected” release, will be a continuation of his passion to perform.
The 2010 tour opened on the House of Blues stage in MC’s favorite city in the world, Chicago and will continue all the through the USA and Canada as he celebrates “Connected”, an innovative blues collaboration with hip hop artist, Magisty.
Track their travels, attend their performances when you can, and be a part of the celebration as this guitar extraordinaire reveals yet another year of his artistic and musical journey