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Magazine33 Josati: Living the Dream
Mon 8/8/2011 2:12PM By: Brandon Samuel For fans of electronic music, it is an exciting time to be living in Richmond. Since the beginning of 2010, Richmond's larger venues have kept a revolving door of nationally recognized mainstream artists. Along with the bevy of well-known, mainstream acts, there has been a surge in the general volume of local acts. Electronic bands and DJs in particular have been tirelessly playing shows in just about every place imaginable, and several of them are starting to find a great deal of success resulting from all of their hard work. One such individual is a DJ known as Josati who grew up in the area and simply personifies musicality in every possible way. Born Joseph Samuel Timberlake, Jo-sa-ti (get it?) has always had music in his blood. He grew up teaching himself how to play a number of instruments and developed a wide range of musical influences. For several years he played bass in a respected local band called Existor. Over the past two years, Josati has emerged as an up-and-coming star in the electronic scene. His confident style and persistence with his music has opened door after door, and Josati has never hesitated to walk through them. To be successful you have to have high expectations for yourself, and after sitting down and talking with Josati, I quickly learned there is no shortage of drive within him