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About me:Livin' la vido loco. Crazy? Or just crystal clear? Every step is destiny, every decision a simple task. Ride the wave. Tame the tiger. Hear energy roar.
Member Since:August 8, 2004
Last Login:About 3 days ago
Location:Overland Park, KS
Birthday:May 10
Music means to me:Das ist gut. What more can I say? Music is mainly my blood and partially my plasma. As one person put it, "all music is inherently good." And that, well, that is the truth, Ruth. Big ups Miami. Big ups South Africa. I like to play and I love to listen. To find its true worth you must dig and examine; a lesson for life itself.
General Interests:Monkeys, botany, wine, competition, music, exploration, philosophy, festivals, yoga, dance-offs, hydrofoils, astronomy, longitudinal studies of prefrontal lobotomies.


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