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About me:Hey Now! I'm married with one daughter named Ivy. I live near Greensburg. I am a proud member of the Universal Church of Love and Music. Live music, dancing and drumming turn me on. My hobbies are gaining knowledge, collecting music, computer games, and movies. I hope to be selling some Grateful Dead collectables online soon. Peace, love & happiness to all :)
Member Since:May 17, 2008
Last Login:February 6, 2015
Location:Grapeville, PA
Birthday:August 23
Music means to me:Next to my family, music means everything to me. It has lifted me up, taken me down, taught me lessons, scared the hell out me and everything in between. Music is in me, around me and a part of me, just as life energy flows through people, plants, colors, and our Earth and Universe.
Schools:3 years at California University of PA - Psychology
General Interests:Protecting the innocent from abuse and neglect, saving the Earth and endangered species, the bill of rights (autonomy), parapsycholgy, astronomy, biology and anatomy, decriminalizing drugs
Other Distractions:Traveling, partying, art, pop culture, trivia, Lost, House, Survivor, Jeopardy, South Park, The Steelers


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