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About me:I'm from Akron, OH. I love hangin with my friends and listenin to good music. Love going to festivals with my friends whereever we can find a good one!! But espcially right in our own backyard at the Ledges!! And getting the most out of life now by sharing it with my 3 yr old son Evan!
Member Since:February 19, 2008
Last Login:October 31, 2012
Location:Akron, OH
Birthday:January 20
Music means to me:To explain in depth would take to long!!! So this is the best way I've heard it in a long time ( also why I had it tattooed on me)

- Music is the venacular of the human soul - short but sweet as hell!!!!
Schools:High school and the United States Navy
General Interests:basketball, reading, parks, working out, bike riding, fishing, hunting,playing drums, camping, pool, anything active and outdoors!!
Other Distractions:I have nothing but good distrations in my life which include my kids and my beautiful fiance Jackie.


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