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About me:I am a 32yr old music freak and lover of sound. In my free time I am a multi-instrumentalist in an experimental jazz organica duo, a painter, a writer and a lover of life... I've traveled long and hard through many shadowy nooks and crannies on this path we call life and found the happiness that I will call the light in the middle of the tunnel… what waits at the end? I’m in no hurry to find out; right now I’m enjoying the ride.
Member Since:May 10, 2002
Last Login:October 3, 2015
Location:Saint Louis, MO
Birthday:July 1
Music means to me:A wonderfully kaleidoscopic open window to the infinite
General Interests:Music, playing music, being immersed in music, FESTIVALS, art, nature, pondering the infinite and traveling South East Asia with my lovely girlfriend.
Other Distractions:Favorite movie = Jacob's Ladder,
Favorite TV show = Lost
Favorite book = Siddhartha


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