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About me:I'm a music crazed radio DJ. If you see me at a show say hiya.
Member Since:August 20, 2008
Last Login:May 13, 2015
Location:Dillon, CO
Birthday:November 5
Music means to me:I'm a music junkie. If I could tap a record player and hook it directly into my veins, I would. it is both a religion and a way to define the people that I like. I've always used music to separate the people I want to be around from the people that I don't. The one time that I trusted a country fan, it bit me in the ass.
Schools:U of MN -Twin Cities grad with a degree in broadcast journalism.
General Interests:Snowboarding, Dancing, Fire spinning, Crunk crafts, Writing, Singing, Reading, Camping, Costumes, Theater and Acting.
Other Distractions:Booze, Boys and Toys.


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