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About me:I am a lighting designer. I teach it and I do it. I have a strong passion for life and what I do. Spontaneous laid back artistic type who listens to a lot of music. Easy to get along with and always looking to meet new people. I am an artist, and am constantly looking for new ways to explore my medium. New life experience keeps me fresh.
Member Since:October 3, 2004
Last Login:May 8, 2015
Location:Hillsdale, MI
Birthday:October 9
Music means to me:The world.
Schools:Ashland University, OH (BA),
Wayne State University, MI (MFA)
General Interests:theatre, dance, museums, beer tasting, new experiences, yoga, photography, theatre, museums, tape trading, festivals, camping, hiking, my jetta, my friends, reading, talking, listening, watching, driving, thinking, smiling, dancing, Watching sunsets/sunrises over water, cloud gazing, star glancing, mind expansion
Other Distractions:theatre, lights.


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