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About me:I will never out grow music. ever. I am a total music nut-ball, Jam is my favorite, but I like a huge variety.
my screen name is because of all the Miles Gone behind me traveling to see shows. I have no idea how many miles I have traversed or how many shows I have seen. Definitely WSP is my most seen band. Been going to see them for 22 years. Grateful dead 14 times. Furthur is my favorite thing out there right now.
I have a new AKA, Antique Pants...
I still have a huge bucket list of bands I want to see and I am working on it. I must have music to look forward to because it helps me get thru the workweek.
My favorite festivals Amberland and Bearcreek and Mantrabash

Favorite bands today
Thievery corp
pigeons playing ping pong
Fareed Haque
The Mantras
Kung Fu
Return to Forever
Member Since:July 30, 2005
Last Login:July 3, 2014
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Birthday:September 29
Music means to me:last.fm & rym
General Interests:my lovely girlfriend, my family, our dogs and my kitty, books, art, and nature. Travel and ethnic food. hiking, canoeing , mtn biking, walking, nice cars, the beach, weight lifting, and sleeping well.
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All my shows..
Fri 9/17/2010 6:56AM
I should have started this years ago..  I just now decided to document all the concerts I see since I cannot  remember them all..
Here is 2010
WSP 12-31-10
Pgroove 1-9-10
The Machine 1-15-10
Furthur  2-13-10
Pgroove and Jon Shain 2-13-10
Moe Pgroove 3-12-10
Mofro 4-10-10
WSP 4-4-10
Pgroove 5-28-10
Phish      7-3-10
Allgood music fest  July 2010
Blueground Undergrass  9-18-10
WSP Atl, 9-24-10
Ricky Skaggs  10-2-10

I can add now WSP 9-24-10

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