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About me:i run around the world working and playing, and most of my playing consists of catching every show i have the chance to make it to
Member Since:March 3, 2008
Last Login:July 28, 2008
Location:Arlington, VA
Birthday:August 28
Music means to me:everything. i have been a slave to the groove for as long as i can remember, even when im not listening to music, i am still finding a groove in the everyday sounds we hear and mixing it with what my mind is creating until another sound comes along which can captivate me.

i've played drums my whole life and just picked up the guitar finally.
Schools:some college
General Interests:camping, mountain biking, surfing, skating, or anything else fun, natural, or exhilarating.
Other Distractions:the smell of a woman, the sound of the ocean, and the ringing in my head.


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