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About me:A proud Midwesterner proud to be on the West Coast now. I love live music, which is why I'm here on Jambase. I'm a Leafer, a Phishead, a Radioheadie to name a few.
Member Since:April 2, 2001
Last Login:August 18, 2006
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:November 27
Music means to me:The feeling I get during...The B-side of Abbey Road, The jam at the end of Lizards, Rage Against the Machine's first album, the first notes of Gasaholic, setbreak, a kitchen jamboree when I'm playing the pint glass and mixing bowl, when the lights go down, the Sabotage video, the hugs I get at the end of a show.
Schools:University of Wisconsin - Madison, Waunakee High School
General Interests:Live Music, Bowling, Basketball, Socializing, Discussing Politics, Drinking Jenga, Scrabble, Partying, Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball
Other Distractions:Family Guy, Mr. Show, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Wars, Laguna Beach, Saved By The Bell, Wes Anderson Movies, Arrested Development


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