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About me:I'm all about living life to your own standard, about doing WHATEVER it is that makes you smile every morning when you wake up, when you realize someone or something greater than you gave you one more day to enjoy it, to feel the sun on your back and the wind in your hair. I love~ My BEAUTIFUL kiddos, Zoe and Oliver!!... Waking up wrapped in another's arms... Satisfying a person's need for food that reminds them why life is worth living!... Finding random things that people have left behind... Laughing so hard my sides hurt and tears roll down my face... Getting drunk around a campfire... Smoke-filled rooms echoing with laughter... Carving freshies in a foot of untouched powder... VW Buses... Festivals... Festivals while under the influence of mind-altering substances... Getting tattooed... Last minute road trips... The unconscious mind... Self-expression... Painting... Feeling confused!... Philosophy... Nature... LIFE!...
Member Since:June 2, 2008
Last Login:June 30, 2011
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:November 17
Music means to me:I love music that you feel, not just in your body... ears ringing, bass thumping and shaking every inch of you... but, music that reaches in and grabs you by your soul... when you feel excited by it, touched by it, moved by the passion and knowledge and emotion that goes into producing it. Not only the kind of music that keeps you going when times get hard, but also, the kind of music that reminds you just how great it feels to be alive when things are good!
Schools:Colorado School of Healing Arts AOS Degree in Massage Therapy with concentrations in Oncology Massage, Trauma Touch Massage, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Plan next to get my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
General Interests:You?


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