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About me:I'm pretty much all over the map - I live on a little island in Washington State and work in a lab making stuff for the likes of NASA (some of our stuff gets sent to space). I love teaching, especially math. I want to get a PhD in math and dedicate several years to mastering the instruments I play (especially piano and guitar), whether at a school or independently. I also want to work in sustainability, green design and synergy and am 96.7% vegetarian (95% vegan and 23% mushroom and coconut milk).
Member Since:March 13, 2008
Last Login:March 13, 2008
Location:Friday Harbor, WA
Birthday:June 9
Music means to me:Music is a language, one capable of expressing things infinitely more complex than natural languages can, and in an instantaneous manner - natural languages require extra layers of conceptual processing, whereas music is more simply decoded and direct - to connect to it, one has to let go of those extra layers of processing. Music is also an infinite universe unto itself, free for exploration. Basically it's a lot like math, only with the layers of reason removed...
Schools:Bachelor of Science from The Evergreen State College (awesome school!) with an emphasis in pure and applied mathematics. I also studied a bit of science and audio recording directly through the school, and piano somewhat more indirectly through the school.
General Interests:abstract mathematics, infinity, theoretical physics, philosophy, freedom, exploring the vastness of human perception, art, wilderness, hitting the road with nothing but some cloths and a backpack, peace.
Other Distractions:sailing

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