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About me:My name is Megan. I'm 22 and from Charleston, SC(James Island to be specific). I am a student at USC...Go COCKS!My friends say my aura is brown (whatever that means). And tequila is my drink of choice.
Member Since:February 3, 2007
Last Login:July 24, 2008
Location:Columbia, SC
Birthday:June 20
Music means to me:I grew up playing music. I love it when it gives me chills and it fills me up.
Schools:university of south carolina
General Interests:I like indigenous people and things.
Other Distractions:I like to read. My favorite books are "getting stoned with savages", "CHE", and my new favorite guilty pleasure "I hope they serve beer in Hell", by Tucker Max (check out his blog...its worth it) My favortie movies are "the Big Lebowski" and "the royal tennenbaums". I love Survivor ( I almost auditioned last week...seriously)


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