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About me:Web designer in Gville, music lover, hubby, dad, cyclist, wrestler, coach, oh and raised by clams as a child.
AIM - mdmccurdy
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Member Since:August 30, 2007
Last Login:April 27, 2015
Location:Greer, SC
Birthday:February 6
Music means to me:Music is the pillar of life. It can create, enhance, and destroy emotion. Rhythm is the true intergalactic language.
Schools:Meadowcreek HS (Atlanta),
Atlanta College of Art,
Art Institute of Atlanta
General Interests:music, triathlons, running, cycling, wrestling, drawing, painting, sculpture, parenting, coaching kids, whistling competitions, extreme thumb wrestling.
Other Distractions:Purty girls, live music, fun times, mexican food, nuggs


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