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About me:i feind raving and clubbing. i typically pop e or molly and dont stop dancing till the music stops. i constantly have a huge smile :D im very easy to get along with i like meeting new ppl. im 5"10 brown eyes average build
Member Since:July 30, 2008
Last Login:July 30, 2008
Location:Monsey, NY
Birthday:November 4
Music means to me:i love music! i have a very large variety of tastes. as a elementary school boy i liked nu-metal (korn, slipknot,disturbed, iron maiden) high school and pot veered me towards classic rock (pink floyd,jefferson airplane,beatles etc.) now i am into electronica-d&b, trance house w.e.
Schools:in college
General Interests:im not sure i like some things (psychology,reading,hanging w friends) but music is my only passion right now
Other Distractions:girls,drugs,school,the eyeliner in my pic was a one time thing btw lmao i just think it looks cool lol

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