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About me:I love music. I visit Jambase to find new music and open my ears to new and exciting sounds.
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All Good 2011
Fri 7/22/2011 12:44PM
Pictures and blog from 15th All Good Festival​/index.php/blog/
Robert Plant and Band of Joy
Thu 2/3/2011 12:48PM
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC February 1, 2011 Having regretfully missed Robert Plant’s last tour with Alison Krauss, I was anxious to hear what Plant’s new lineup with the Band of Joy would sound like. The Band of Joy named after his first band before he joined that “other band” was made up of seasoned musicians each of who were spotlighted throughout the set. I would guess that no one in the capacity crowd at Constitution Hall was expecting to hear the rock and blues explosion that was once the trademark of his more famous former band; the opening act: The North Mississippi All-Stars could handle those duties. However like me, I’m sure many were anxiously anticipating how Plant would remake his old classics. As expected, Plant stayed true to his Americana, folk, blues and country formula that was so evident in his previous effort in Raising Sand and which continued in his latest effort with the Band of Joy. All of the songs performed last night were a mixture of gospel, blues, country and rockabilly. The formula worked very well. As a colleague of mine put it, this is not just another geezer rock act revisiting old songs and trying to create the same sound. Plant chose to redecorate the old songs and give them new life. Along with the more familiar Zeppelin songs, many of the covers primarily from his new album melded well with the more familiar songs, all be it, not fully straying from the bluesy feel and familiar voice that so many of us grew to know. Plant may no longer have the same “pipes” he once had, but his voice is still powerful and distinctive
Railroad Earth with Cornmeal
Wed 12/8/2010 9:37AM
Railroad Earth with special guest Cornmeal - November 20, 2010 Rams Head Live Baltimore, Maryland Let me start by saying that I have probably seen Railroad Earth more than two dozen times over the years. Most of these shows provided me many great memories and fantastic musical moments. However, Saturday’s performance at the Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore may have been the best show I have seen them perform - and that’s saying a lot. There are times in a bands career that you could mark as a defining moment. As I watched the band the thought came to me that this just may be (for me anyway), the pinnacle of all the shows I’ve seen to date. That’s not to say they can’t exceed this performance, after all, the show did not include some of their more signature songs such as Seven Story Mountain or Elko. It’s just that this night seemed, well, magical. Perhaps it was the venue (Ram’s Head Live is a great place to see a show), or perhaps it was that there seemed to be no set time limit to the show’s length (the show finished around 1:30am). The band really seemed to be really enjoying the moment and this seemed to transfer from the band to the delighted and appreciative audience