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About me:I love to be alive!! Living on this planet with the people that I have met and are going to meet is the biggest thrill of my life. I strive to enjoy everyday and try not to wear myself down with the problems that I do not cause or the ones that I cannot solve. We exist in a global society, and as a part of that society it is time that we being to share our love for music and one another.
Member Since:October 14, 2003
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Location:Floyd, VA
Birthday:December 16
Music means to me:The thing that I enjoy most about the music that I go see is the wonderful people that I get to meet at different shows. Whether it be in a large venue or a small pub, there is a certain vibe that radiates through a crowd when live music is being performed. It creates a sense of belonging, togetherness, and the belief that we are all here serving a common interest, good friends, good tunes, and good times.


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