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About me:Born, raised and still live in Orlando. Spend my free time listening to music, going to concerts here in Central Florida and traveling to other cities/states to see live music. Go to many concerts, including JazzFest in NOLA every chance I get, but my body can't handle the Bonnaroo-ish festivals anymore. Listen to jam, funk, rock, jazz, reggae, bluegrass, blues and many other kinds of music. Would love to move West sometime, as I have seen about all I need to see of Florida...
Member Since:July 6, 2001
Last Login:About 18 hours ago
Location:Orlando, FL
Birthday:July 17
Music means to me:An escape from reality... It's a time when I can forget about whatever else is happening around me and just got lost in the waves of music. But sometimes I can just as easily relate what's happening in my life to the story that is being told through music. It's what makes life worth living.
Schools:University of Central Florida
General Interests:Good music, good food, good beer, good wine, good friends, good ....
Other Distractions:No Reservations/The Layover/Parts Unknown, Top Gear (UK), Austin City Limits, Sanford & Son


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