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I'm a singer/songwriter/performer from downtown San Diego, doing my thing and listening to as much good music as I can get along the way.
Member Since:August 16, 2007
Last Login:September 15, 2008
Location:San Diego, CA
Birthday:May 21
Music means to me:A place to connect with other people over shared or similar experiences. One of the few ways I find real connections in life.
Schools:Asheville Christian Academy, King College
General Interests:music, movies, guitar, outdoors, camping, hiking, mountain biking, beach volleyball,
Other Distractions:I love movies and can find something to like in almost everything I see... I don't read as much as I wish I did, but I love all sorts, from fiction to biography to Harry Potter ;)... Not too much TV, but I do catch Simpsons & Scrubs whenever I can, and I like to watch my 3rd Rock from the Sun DVDs.


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