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About me:im chill, I love music and being with friends. I dont get upset with much of anything... just go with the flow... you know what i mean? Theres too much hate in the world today... bring some love to the table...
Member Since:May 9, 2008
Last Login:November 30, 2008
Location:Waterloo, NY
Birthday:November 9
Music means to me:Music is life. It's like blood, flows through my veins. In times of trouble, it saves me. In times of happiness, it only adds to the fact that I'm alive and loving the opportunity to walk this beautiful earth with so many beautiful people. Music should be a part of everyones life. If it were, there would be less hate, and more compassion for those in need.
Schools:SUNY Oswego for now... Studying education with a concentration in history... I'm gonna be that hippie teacher that everyone likes
General Interests:Outdoors, kayaking, fishing, family, friends, animals, people who are real.
Other Distractions:school... SUNY Oswego. flippin burgers on the side.


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