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About me:Im a film maker/musican, I love to dance and go to festivals, for me, my ultimate music experiance revolves around The Disco Biscuits. there style and there music just hits me like no other band. My quote that I have said before to discribe how I feel at a Bisco concert is "I ran out of ways to dance."
Member Since:December 2, 2003
Last Login:May 27, 2010
Location:Rockville, MD
Birthday:November 8
Music means to me:Music to me is life, it makes me happy and sometimes its sad, but in the end I know that what i have learned from Music is that its like life support if you cut music out of my life there is nothing else to support it. Music in general is a way of life, from the start to the finish, from Folk to jazz, from Techno to trance, it is all the same, it makes u move to its style. just have fun because life isnt long and u have to live every minute of it, and that is what music means to me.
Schools:Walter Johnson High School, Montgomery College
General Interests:Guitar, Film, Music, Concerts, Fishing, School, Work.
Other Distractions:Camp Bisco 4, Grateful Dead's Closing of winterland, All of the Bonnaroo DVD's, Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas both the movie and the book,SuperTroopers, Halfbaked, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, South Park,


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