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About me:I love live music!!! Nature, animals, meeting new friends where ever the music takes me...camping, riding my Great Food
Member Since:June 8, 2005
Last Login:June 1, 2012
Location:Waddell, AZ
Birthday:October 1
Music means to me:Just about's what gets me thru life!!! there's nothing better than live music, with great people, & dancing like no body's watching for hours on end:)
General Interests:REALLY want to go more!!! ...camping too! ... would really appreciate sharing the "expenses" etc... you can email me also.. trying to "hook up" with some kynd, peaceful, like minded music loving people...can't seem to find a single soul out here by the "White Tanks" that's even remotely into the "scene"!!! HELP!!! I LOVE MUSIC & WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND MORE EVENTS...the economy has taken it's toll!! I've got a nice ride, camping gear, music, etc.... Would love to be able to catch a ride and share the gas $....what ever works!! just short on some phriends to share with out here.. thank you. PEACE & GRATEFUL BLESSSINGS!! P.S. THIS GOES FOR ALL THE GREAT SHOWS COMING OUR WAY....trying to save $, be "green", good phun &'s getting way to lonely over here!! i'm out on the far Southwest side of Phoenix near Luke AFB.
Other Distractions:looking for a "roommate"....i have a nice home on 2 acres. Peaceful & animal friendly. you would have private room/ bath/ furnished,etc. just looking for some "normal" person hopefully with similar interests. male or female, no long term lease....just someone who can pay their way. Honesty, compassion, & reliability would a plus....i'm near I-10 -303 near goodyear, litchfield, avondale etc. email me .... maybe we can help each other out.


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