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About me:There is an avenue that runs through the heart of singer/songwriter Martin England. To know him, all you must do is travel it. The signs are clear and readable, the parks and haunts are accessible, and the pave is warm even when it is sharp. This road, his road, has its way of telling you exactly what there is to be experienced in his heart, and exactly where to find it. The heart-trip soundtrack of Martin England’s music is that of all great American troubadours; Americana, folk, roots rock, and occasional old school country. It’s the common language he shares with contemporaries like Ray Lamontagne and founding legends like Johnny Cash, equal parts light and shadow cast in emotionally-charged, heart-harvesting songs.
“I feel like everything I’ve written is already inside of me. It’s really just a matter of living enough different experiences to hatch those songs and bring them to life,” muses England. The hatching began at age 13, just two years after he started playing guitar, when his lack of formal musical training made it easier to write his own songs than to decipher the work of others. His rural hometown of Rollinsford, New Hampshire and its dearth of childhood stimulus required Martin to have a serious imagination to thrive, and through its thorough ordinariness evoked a mental agility that has benefited him greatly as a creator and deeply sensory songwriter.
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Music means to me:Music is an elixir for the soul, a medicine for the rigors of every day life.
Schools:University of New Hampshire
General Interests:baseball, history, poetry, literature, football


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Tue 10/26/2010 7:10AM
The last 24 months of my life have been experimental in many ways. I left the full-time comforts of a solid band life to pursue the darker forests and weedy pastures of a solo performer. It’s been like scuba diving in a deep, unfamiliar lake, exhilarating and terrifying at once. You just never know what you’ll find