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About me:I'm old but music keeps me young!! Have an Active ZUNE account with a 120GB player and a dock,only have
a GB left on my player. I attended the Atlantic City Pop Music Festival Google it if your wondering who was there. Got about 20GB of comedy on my ZUNE.really like George Carlin! Listen to 999thehawk the Allentown PA
classic rock station in our area. I like games too,latest is PC Avatar PC game.
Member Since:January 25, 2010
Last Login:March 22, 2010
Location:Frenchtown, NJ
Birthday:September 24
Music means to me:I would die without music! Like all genres,but rock the most.
Lehigh University
General Interests:Sci-Fi, Computer games, Computer science, tech gadgets, have a new DROID phone.
Other Distractions:Discovery NET, History TV, Classic Sci-Fi Movies, XXX sites.


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