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About me:love me some jam bands, and the atmosphere they create
Member Since:May 26, 2006
Last Login:September 9, 2006
Location:Jacksonville, NC
Birthday:June 4
Music means to me:escape
General Interests:chillin
Other Distractions:donnie darko, joe dirt, halfbaked, blow, dazed and confused, requiem for a dream, american history x, the stand, the godfather, pulp fiction, dead presidents, scarface, spaceballs, four rooms, the warriors, day of the dead, killer klowns from outter space, day of the dead, little shop of horrors, the cable guy, Life Aquatic, Harold and Kumar gtWC, Resevor dogs, gladiater, friday, saving private ryan, 28 days later, austin powers 123, 3 amigos, dream with the fishes, little monsters, empire of the sun, suicide kings, super troopers, kids, platoon, carlitos way, legend, snatch, boondock saints, interview with avampire, history of violence, team america, old school, ramboo trilogy, robocop trilogy, born on the fourth of july, Cheech and chong, . . .comedy central, elder scrolls, saints row, halo 2,


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