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About me:I can't seem to find my way through all the muck of a cluttered existence. I need to find my way back to music and prosperity.
Member Since:March 6, 2010
Last Login:July 9, 2011
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Birthday:March 30
Music means to me:In the depths of a blend of auditory bliss and story I can relate to, nothing else matters in that moment.
Schools:FCHS, Allegheny College, IUP, Penn State Behrend, and I probably won't go back. School is like gambling. The payout can be high if you're lucky, but either way you're in massive debt.
General Interests:Organic vegetarianism, environmentalism, human rights, animal rights, natural health and wellness, friends and family, and doing well by being good.
Other Distractions:Distractions are negative to me, so I don't feel like listing them here.