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About me:Either you love me or you hate my freakin guts. I enjoy life and do whatever possible to engulf myself with pleasure. I love all kinds of music. Just depends on my mood. I will be returning from Iraq soon and expect to catch up on some concerts, drinkin, and much needed sex!!!!...LOL. By the way if you need a Sprint phone let me know I will give you a good deal!!!
Member Since:August 18, 2006
Last Login:August 22, 2006
Location:Clarksville, TN
Birthday:May 24
Music means to me:Music is Life. It stimulates the very being of who I am and who you are. It's you, Its who you are, its how you feel, Its what you do, Music is Life!
Schools:Hartselle High, University of Maryland, Calhoun College.
General Interests:Biking, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Swiming, Jet skis, hiking, etc...
Other Distractions:UFC, UFC, UFC, did I mention UFC, oh yeah, Spike TV, The Ultimate Fighter, did I mention that I enjoy the UFC?...LOL


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