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About me:I am a Graphic Designer. My current job I work in Boston at Modernista! (yes, the "!" is part of our name)...my position at M! is a studio digital artist. Whatever thats supposed to mean. I also am a photographer by trade...I have photographed artists such as Trey, Nershi, Galactic, Umphreys, Bisco, Keller Incident, and more at 10,000 Lakes Music Festival in Detroit Lakes, MN. What feels like ages ago, I won the design contest for Bonnaroo 2006 amongst other winners. Currently my freelance work consists of doing work I enjoy and believe in such as working for bands. I am not even a full year out of school and I have designed 2 CD albums along with all their promotional materials along with a whole slew of other things. I am currently working on a sweet website for a funk band. I have done work for Greensky Bluegrass and hope to expand my clientele within the music biz.
Member Since:May 23, 2006
Last Login:July 30, 2015
Location:Kalamazoo, MI
Birthday:March 11
Music means to me:Life would be boring and painful without it. Music speaks to me... it also inspires me, moves, changes, and teaches me. It fills any lonely void in my life I might have and lets me escape.
Schools:Western Michigan University; SACI-Florence, Italy
General Interests:art, music, music festivals, my dog, real people and people that challenge me, photography, silkscreening, being put in unexpected and often times awkward situations, snowboarding, water skiing, cooking, blah blah blah
Other Distractions:I guess my biggest distraction is my A.D.D. What can I say? It kinda comes with the territory of being a creative.


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