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About me:hey i'm courtney... i'm 17 years old and i live in a shithole of a town.... everyone here is preppy and two-faced... and i wanna be different so i like to listen to rock instead of rap and wear black instead of pink.... and i like to 'try' to skateboard...
Member Since:August 8, 2007
Last Login:February 28, 2012
Location:Tallulah, LA
Birthday:November 29
Music means to me:music means the world to me... if i didn't have music in my everyday life i don't know what i would do.... and not just any music i have to listen to papa roach, buckcherry, hinder, and etc. everyday... if i could i would just listen to rock and go to the concerts instead of doing anything else.
Schools:Tallulah Academy
General Interests:going to rock concerts and skateboarding and tennis and basketball
Other Distractions:i love scary movies and my favorite tv show is scarred and grey's anatomy


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