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About me:Lowlander from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Weirton, West Viriginia are a rock n roll band who's influences include The Beatles, Green Day, Guns N' Roses & The Stooges. Their songs run the gamut from all out punk to J Mascis style melodica to bruised acoustic balladry. Despite the convergence of styles and flavors Lowlander exhibit a cohesive brand of 21st century rock indebted as much to the youthful aggression of The Misfits & The Ramones as it is to, one imagines, the three members Scottish heritage.
Member Since:June 24, 2008
Last Login:June 24, 2008
Location:Weirton, WV
Birthday:April 19
Music means to me:An escape, the yin and yang, and everything in between.


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