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About me:BASSIST/ Musician
Im glad to be a part of such and eye opening, eye captivating, musically and broadening musical spectrum. ''The home of bunch of FreeThinkers. Music has no such rules!! I enjoy my craft to fullest. Seek me on such known sites: www.youtube.com/213lowendgeorge & www.myspace.com/lowendgeorge
Member Since:August 11, 2009
Last Login:November 20, 2009
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Birthday:October 1
Music means to me:..The making of what you want it to be..
Schools:High School & College
General Interests:Meeting and collaborating with people of all walks of art. Dont hesitate to message me if you have an artistic idea you wish to share and even more so put it into good use by collaboration.:)
Other Distractions:Walking my Dog Skippy!

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Fri 11/20/2009 9:30PM
... Greetings y'all,
Just became a member of jambase.com, and my, what a site. Its finally refreshing to see a new driven site, promoting many of today's finest jam sceners, or should i say musicians?:) Am an active bassist by the stage name (low end GEORGE)  i am always on the look out for new jammers of any type of isntrument that exists. If you are reading this and are interested, jot me a message. But for now, ill leave you with my music site(s) where you can hear my music and watch my performances:) enjoy!

Location: Los Angeles,CA at the moment

-low end GEORGE